What Clients are Saying About Soleful Touch and Piera Panozzo...


"Piera has a magical touch. Her reflexology treatment relaxes my back and eases my severe pain. I always look forward to my next appointment." Margot Sharpenberg Wellman, German-American Author

"Piera is a fantastic reflexologist….I had several reflexology treatments with her, don’t just do one…., and I felt the benefits for days. I felt calm, centered and relaxed and, in today’s world, that is no small FEET (FEAT)!!!!!! ha ha..." Suzanne Sheridan, Photographer, Singer, Songwriter and Musician

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"Piera's knowledge, training, and experience with the ancient healing practice of Reflexology are combined with her beautiful personality and gentle spirit. All these qualities mean you are in the hands of an expert who will masterfully help bring your body back into balance. In just my first session, I was amazed at how much better I felt." Linda L., Health & Wellness Counselor


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